IPTV UAE – Hotel IPTV Solutions Dubai

We meet the needs of your guests: TV Entertainment, Internet access and multimedia infrastructure – at the highest level.Whether as a Premium or Basic solution, we are always one step ahead when it comes to modern interactive guest communication -. Optimally embedded in your processes.Today many hotels are the needs, on the one hand, to expand the range of services in the room, the other – to advertise their additional services.Our IPTV Solutions help to deliver high-quality content to guests’ rooms.

With IP TV Solutions hotel can deliver information about their services, special offers right on the TV screens in the running line. Moreover it support advertising in conjunction with a live broadcast to the public areas of the hotel such as the lobby and restaurant. It will help  to display advertisements during broadcasts when Hotel opens a new revenue stream. So, if the hotel having outlets (gift shop, for example), this store ads can be displayed in the lobby.

How  beneficial is an IPTV System ?

What are the advantages offered by  hotel IPTV Solutions

Reduce operating costs

Easily manage all TVs in the hotel in one place. Adjust channels, u, update the online information. All this is done very easily, it does not require high engineering skills.

Blocking the function settings. You will no longer be faced with a situation where a guest reconfigured channels.

Increase awareness of your brand, raise the loyalty of guests

The TV interface provide Full customization in  TV interface design for Hotel TV. Place your logo, greet guests, create sections, fill them with pictures and text, change fonts, colors, layout. All of this is done easily from central location.

Inform visitors about the services in the hotel, the surrounding attractions in a conveniently configured format. The hotel can provide information to guests in a modern interactive way, which no doubt will cause their interest.

You can create a separate content for each language. Use this feature when the hotel guests are multi national. It gives guests information in the form in which they are accustomed to receive it.

Inform guests about the weather forecast for your city, screen schedule the nearest airport

Increase your sales

Create active marketing, showcase the gust interface with banner ads while watching TV.

Create groups TVs : Groups  hotel guests, such as members of the conference, children and tourists. For each group of guests, hotel can push your feeds, send messages. It will help focused on targeted consumers.